SIPSNITYA – How to manage fees

Open the home page, click on master option, select fees category. Click on add new option, type fees category and click save button. Click on master option and select fee type. Click on inline add option, enter the fees type, select the appropriate coverage in the drop down list, make the status as active, and click on save all option.

Then, go to fees main menu, click fee add option, select school wide fees or class wise fee, click on inline add option, select academic year, fees category, types of fees, amount, make the status as active, and click on save all option.

Whenever parents pay fees, go to fees main menu, select fees payment option. Select the student whose fee is being collected, and click on fee payment option. Click on add new. Select proceed on confirmation. Fee details page will appear. Click inline add option under fees payment details. Select the type of fees and enter the amount collected. Make the status as paid and click on save button. Print out of the receipt can be taken by selecting fees receipt print option. And select print option.

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