SIPSNITYA CRM portal – user guide

Once registration of crm is done using a valid mobile number,

We have to login to the crm portal by entering user name, which will be the registered mobile number, and provided password.

Once, login is done successfully, in home page, we can see the home links, customer analysis, whats new, recent videos.

In whats new, we can see the recent updates on the portal, in recent videos, we can see the videos. select Videos option to view all videos.

Here we can see and download the videos.

Under home links, select messages option to check the recent messages, which has been sent or received by your number.

Ensure your case is locked first, select Manage Institutions and add your institution, with customer name, corresponding address, pincode, web site if available, about the company, remarks and save the information.

. Once your register the institution is completed an automatic case locking request will be triggered to the respective account manager and they will look into your request and assign to you, You will be alerted with an SMS on their actions, Once the customer is assigned to you, you can request Quote proses the Order etc.



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